New e-Learning era with educational app development

The entire world faced the horrific situations of the Covid-19 pandemic. The people were suggested to stay in their homes and avoid public gatherings. And all these situations caused very serious damage to different sectors of our society, especially the educational sectors.

But with the advancement of the technologies, we are overcoming the set-backs.

During the mid of April 2020, 1.58 billion learners including children and youth from 200 countries were affected due to the Covid-19 outbreak. All of the countries have suffered a huge economical loss. That is the reason e-Learning applications are rising day by day.

People are now able to do their classes and educational courses or training while sitting at their homes through their electronic devices such as smartphones, tabs, computers, and laptops. This gives a much needed boost to the e-Learning applications in the market and is still rising.

These e-Learning applications provide their customers with various learning services for the educational development of a person. And if you are thinking of investing in a business this is the best time to invest in an e-Learning application development.

To know more about the e-Learning applications and what are their trends for defining educational development for 2021, please continue reading the blog.

What are e-Learning applications and types of e-Learning applications present in the market?

E-Learning apps are applications which are only used for educational purposes. It can be used for schools, colleges, workplaces learning, or industrial knowledge. IT can provide their users video recorded sessions or live interactive sessions through video calling and pre-recorded videos. The students using these applications can get access to those videos any time and from any place, if they have a stable internet connection even on their smartphones, tablets.

Developers of these e-Learning applications are trying their level best to provide the users a better learning experience through their applications. Before developing any type of e-Learning application first you have to take an insightful view of things such as unique features of the application, type of the app, profitability, and market value. Along with all these, you should have knowledge of how to monetize and effectively increase the productivity of the application. Here are some of the types of e-Learning application present in the market,

One-alloted applications

These are applications which only provide educational information and resources to the users like encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc.

Industry-specific application

The applications are developed for a specific market like medical or driver educating software. For example, KOR is the application used in the driving schools of norway.

Classroom aids

These are the apps that are developed for school classrooms. One of the unique features of this application is the teachers can use the device screen as a whiteboard.

Teacher tools

Teachers’ tool is the program that is only developed for increasing the teaching effectiveness and efficiency of the teacher.

Course-specific application

The applications which are created only for a specific course and are not used separately are called course-specific applications.

Assessment platforms

These are the applications that provide the users a series of practice tests or mock tests. And evaluate the results and scores of the users after attending the tests.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an e-Learning application?

There are both advantages and disadvantages of the apps created by Mobile App Development Companies.

Advantages of e-Learning application

  • Improved student attendance system

    As the student can access the class from home or location of their own choice. There is very little chance for them to miss out on the classes. Moreover, the applications are introducing new features in order to remind the class timing so that they cannot miss out on important lectures.

  • Efficiency

    With the help of the e-Learning applications, the students are provided a visual understanding of any topic. Moreover, the teachers can go beyond the traditional method of book learning while teaching a topic. As the teachers are allowed to use various videos, podcasts, and pdfs as a tool for educating the students. As a result, overall education efficiency gets increased and the students can get better views and benefits.

  • Affordability

    This is one of the important advantages of e-Learning over traditional learning. e-Learning is much more affordable than physical learning as cost eliminations like student transport, real estate, meals are not needed. Plus, it is good for the environment also, as all the study materials are available in the form of softcopy. Which decreases the use of paper and makes the e-Learning application more affordable as well as convenient.

  • Accessibility of the classes regarding time and place

    The students don't have to travel to a specific place in order to attend the class. They can choose their own comfortable location to access the lectures as the e-Learning application is free from any kind of geographical boundaries and timely lecture sections. Moreover, applications have a recording feature that helps the students to record the lecture and share or refer to them in the future. Which helps the students to access the lecture and the study materials at the time of their convenience.

  • Implementation of various learning styles

    Every student has their own personalized learning techniques. Some students can understand better in visual demonstration and some students can understand by audio-only. Again, some students can study in a room full of students and others can study only when they are alone. e-Learning provides each and every student the capability to modify the classes and lecture in their own way. Ultimately creating a better study environment for each and every student.

Disadvantages Of e-Learning mobile applications

  • Management of the screen timings with e-Learning

    Most of the parents get concerned as their children are staring at the screens for long hours. This can cause eye problems as the screen emits some rays which cause strain and are not good for our eyes. Plus, it has been seen that the students are developing bad posture for sitting in a hunched position most of the time while doing classes. The only remedy here is to allow the students to get plenty of breaks so that they can relax and refresh their mind and body. Tutor App Development companies are also trying to find the appropriate filter for the screen which can put fewer stains in the student’s eyes and can create a really good environment which will keep the student motivated throughout the lecture session.

  • Difficulty to focus on the screen

    This is one of the major disadvantages of e-Learning applications. While attending any lecture or classes, the student can get easily distracted by social media or any other sites. This is because they usually have less focus on the lecture. So, to refrain this from happening the teachers should be enthusiastic, engaging, and interactive while giving lectures so that the student can stay focused on the classes.

  • Isolation senses

    There is minimal physical interaction in e-Learning classes, so sometimes a sense of isolation can be found in students' mindset which is harmful psychologically. That is why the teachers are suggested to host other forms of communication, face-to-face activities in order to reduce the sense of isolation in the students. These activities can be conducted through interactive video sessions, messaging, emailing, and inspirational conversations.

  • Unexpected technological problems and issues

    This is another challenge for e-Learning applications. All the lectures and classes need a good quality of stable internet connection and data consumption for uninterrupted video sessions. Which is a big issue for the students and the teachers staying in small villages and towns. And it leads to a lack of continuity in the learning and teaching process.

  • Teacher training

    Sometimes, in spite of having knowledge in the online teaching process, the teachers are not able to conduct efficient online classes. This happens due to the lack of resources, tools, and technology to conduct online classes. So, it is better if the institutes provide all the necessary components and training. So that the teachers can be able to conduct efficient classes for their students without any kind of obstacle.

    All these positive and negative points vary from institute to instate, teacher to teacher, and from student to student. So, it is very important for Tutor Application Development to co-operate with each other in order to create and deliver a seamless and uninterrupted educational journey for students.

What are the common features that users expect from an e-Learning application?

There are many e-Learning applications available in the market. All the applications don't have similar features. For instance, features of an industry-specific application cannot be the same as a classroom aid application. This is because every application is developed for a different audience base. Still, there are some common features that every user expects from an e-Learning application. Such as,


Most of the EdTech applications have a unique way of showing the overall statistic of your profile. That means the level of progress and preparations are shown in a well-colored and graphical manner.

Push notification

These notifications usually notify the users of upcoming activities and sessions that they can attend. A better e-Learning application should have a unique way of showing push notifications.

Book classes feature

In some of the e-Learning applications especially which are used for industrial purposes like KOR. You have to book the class by choosing the options that appeared on the home screen of the application.

Payment setting

Most of the e-Learning applications have a versatile payment setting option. Which supports multiple types of payment. Plus the users will be able to keep track of payment history which is very important especially for the students.

Main screen

The main screen or home screen of these applications usually consists of the option of managing or creating any kind of activity and notifications or updates. For example, from the home screen teachers can schedule a class or manage the ongoing classes. And also, the student can get notifications of the ongoing classes and enter into those classes.


This is not only for e-Learning applications; each and every application present in the market has a registration process. This is the place where you create an account with your valid email address or phone number.

Profile settings

After the registration user profile will be created. In this option, the user can change or customize their name, phone number, email address, and educational status, etc.

Lesson cancelation

This feature provides the user's ability to cancel the lesson if they don’t need it anymore.

Assessment questionnaire

An assessment questionnaire comes in handy when there is a need for feedback on the given session or any kind of test so that the student can get a quick recap of today’s session before leaving the session.


This is one of the most important features of e-Learning applications. There should be a proper way for the user to contact the customer support team of your application in case of any issues and quarries. Usually, applications keep a chat box from where the users can easily contact the support team of the application. If not they will leave their official mail address so that the user can interact with them through the mail.

‘Invite a Friend’ facility

This feature helps Custom App Development companies to increase their customer base. This feature helps the existing user to share a specialized link to a potential new user. And if the new users use that link to register, the former users get promotions.

Survey form

The survey form is also a common feature for almost all educational applications present in the market. It helps to create the user profile more specific by asking the users different questions with specified answers. Such as yes/no and high/medium/low etc.

Scheduling options

Scheduling options are used by only the teachers in order to schedule lecture sessions. After scheduling the lecture, the user can share the information to all of their students.

Top e-Learning application trend which defines educational app development in 2021

The useability of the e-Learning application is still increasing day by day. This is because it is the most cost-effective and efficient way of learning. Plus, the users are able to educate themselves by staying in the house which is usually a person’s comfort zone. If you have a unique idea and want to create an e-Learning application around that idea. Then following these trends can help your app to get success in the market. Such as,


Microlearning is the new way of learning of the 21st century especially for those who cannot give enough time for studying. According to the experts, this process can increase the efficiency of the study by 17%. To study continuously you need a considerable amount of time and focus on the subject and there are many students who cannot study continuously and they end up dropping the topics or the subjects.

This process can be used by dividing the educational activity into small sections. So that the students don’t have to pay more than 10 mins and can also understand the topic at the same time without losing the interest. This method makes the person focus all of their concentration on understanding the topic. That is why established companies are creating e-Learning applications on microlearning methods.

Implementation of artificial intelligence (AI)

Implementing artificial intelligence in an e-Learning application is a trend for the future. Integration of AI within any software will increase the user base of that software. As it is capable of tracking the behavior of the users, find their weakness and offer remedies to overcome that weakness. AI is created through a series of complex algorithms which can help the students to learn and manage activities. These algorithms are managed by observing the user behaviour.

Voice assistance with the AI of your application can enhance the process of searching content in the application. It can communicate with the student without the involvement of a teacher. This year a start-up named succeeded in making nearly $1M with this AI voice assistant technology.

More video content

Videos can always convey better learning than a still picture. That’s why educational channels like Byju’s, Vedantu, Smart Every Day, Ted-Ed, Asap Science, and YouTube get over 30 million visitors every day.

So, implementing more educational video content in your e-Learning application can always increase your customer base by resulting in more profit. Looking at the current situation of the world it will be safe to consider adding features such as web sessions, video streaming, and conferences that can give your application a keen edge against your competitors. Also, video content on a topic always makes it more interesting for students.

Game-based approach

This type of trend is very famous these days. App developers are already succeeding to provide a more game-based approach to e-Learning applications. This type of approach is also good for fitness to banking applications. This is because gamifying the learning makes the process more enjoyable, attractive, and communicative, which is very important to attract attention from the students. Allowing students to set and attain their everyday goals increases their engagement towards your e-Learning application.

Implementing a game-based approach is mandatory for kids' e-Learning applications. This is because it is harder to get a kid's attention towards learning than any adult. Plus, this approach makes everyday home-works or chores enjoyable for the kids and kids can easily relate to this form of learning.. You can gamify the learning experience by introducing progress bars, virtual medals and bars, levels, and leaderboards. For example, an e-Learning app called Proko. Succeeded to gain the attention of the kids by giving app credits for watching a whole video, completing assignments, and helping other users.

Rewarding the personalized way of learning

The younger members of this generation are fond of gaining knowledge that addresses their needs. That is one of the main reasons for hype in the mobile e-Learning market. Personalized learning helps the student to map their learning process in their own comfortable way.

They have the facility to customize their learning environment such as changing colors of texts and background, sound, etc. This free and discovery-oriented approach makes learning more enjoyable and rewarding for the students. Thus it is better to target the audience on the basis of their curiosity, goals, experience, and future needs.

The facility of mobile learning

With the increasing number of smartphone users e-Learning with mobile is also get a hit in 2021. Nowadays almost everyone owns a smartphone and people usually like applications with better accessibility. According to the learning market potential value of this mobile e-Learning market can reach $46.9 billion with a CAGR value of 26% in 2024. This is because any smartphone device has internet access and can continue their class from their personalized phone at any time from any place. As a result, all the established E-Learning Web Portal Development companies are investing in developing mobile applications.

It is safe to say that the entire world economy will be majorly dependent on the development of mobile applications in the future. Plus, as a developer, you can launch an application faster than launching a website for e-Learning.

Implementation of AR and VR

Augmented reality and virtual reality are themselves a trend. These technologies are capable of providing an immersive experience by providing virtual experiments. Plus, it can give access to those places which can be accessed physically. VR and AR integrated with the e-Learning application can boost the imagination and creativity power of the students.

Although implementing these features in your EdTech application can cost you a huge amount of money. But the investment will pay off as your application will be capable of providing an immersive learning experience to its users. Moreover, VR and AR will make your application more interactive with better audio-visual content. And as a result, students will feel more connected and attentive in the sessions.

In educational fields like medical students will be able to practice their medical works virtually. As a result, the institutes will be able to train the medical students without spending time and money on medical equipment.

Implementation of VR technology is comparatively easier as it requires only a smartphone. And with the advancement of technologies, a day will come when both AR and VR will be less costly along with faster production.


E-Learning mobile applications are rising in the market. So, if you have a unique idea regarding online learning. You can hire a well-established and experienced mobile application development company for developing your app. While developing the application you can focus on the above-mentioned trends to get an edge among your competitors in the market.

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