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Blood donor is an application which helps the people to locate the blood donors and get connected with them. In simple words, you can say that it’s a blood donation application where you can find genuine blood donors and contact them in the need of emergency. Blood donor maintain the list of donors and categorise them according to the blood groups and area of the donors. With the help of google maps you can find the donors in their area. You can easily register yourself as a donor in about us and help people in need.


  • Finding a donor is a very difficult task as not everyone can donate blood. In the old system, You’ve to write text messages and forward it on social media for wider reach and also it was a very lengthy and tiring process.
  • The main concern was the emergency cases, where you need blood immediately.
  • Lose of authenticity was the concern in this situation.


Menual Testing
Menual Testing


  • With blood donor, we made sure to provide genuine donors to the person in need. Every donor will be the authenticated donor as they will register using their IDs.
  • Finding donors by area with google maps is a more convenient option to find donors.
  • Even if you can’t find a donor, it will show the nearby hospitals and other facilities where you can find blood bottles.


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