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Wype is a new generation car rental app which allows you to rent a car in many countries. It offers a variety of options based upon your needs. Wype gives you a wide range of options to choose from, Be it Colour,fuel,brand or type of transmission and much more. You can easily book the car at a very cheap price compared to the other apps. The Fast on sale mechanism gives the best options after you enter your requirements. The user friendly login system and the GUI gives you fast and easy service to choose upon.


  • The main issue in the existing system is that you can’t actually rent the car online for a particular amount of time. You have to go to the actual rental service shop to look for the car as well as the options.
  • Another thing which concerned the clients was the services provided by the rental shops had a very limited option range for a better selection.
  • It was very difficult especially when you’re in a totally new country, new place and you can’t get proper services.


React Native
React Native
Menual Testing
Menual Testing


  • With Haraxy, we’ve developed an end to end system with a very easy flow of the IoT management web application where the user can find the rental car with very cheap price yet very effective services.
  • Owning up to the options in the existing system, Haraxy developed a multiple resource system where you can get the options even for the colour and type of the fuel.
  • Canada and Australia both are the countries which are using this app on a very large scale and having a satisfied customer base.
  • The document verification is also online so the customer won’t have to go to any shops or anything for any kind of process.


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